Informal Learning and Its Impacts on Students English Language Proficiency

  • Bakht Zadaa
  • Zahoor Ul Haq
  • Muhamamd Khalil fg college batkhela
Keywords: Informal learning, Frequency of informal learning, forms of informal learning, English language proficiency.


English is taught as a second language in Pakistan. The aim of the study was to study the impacts of informal learning on students’ English language proficiency. The study was based on the following objectives:(a)to find out the frequency and duration of informal learning that takes place weekly and its association with English language proficiency;(b) to compare the relationship of the frequency of informal learning with the forms of informal learning, and (c) and to study the effect of informal learning on students English language proficiency at grade 12

This design of this study was quantitative in nature. The population of the study was 900 male students of Grade: XII from public higher secondary schools in Charsadda. The sample of the study was 270 students. For data collection, a well refined questionnaire was developed. The collected data was fed into SPSS for analysis accordingly. The Pearson’s correlation test was used for determining association between independent and dependentvariables. The analysis resulted in positive correlation between frequency of informal learning and students’ English Language proficiency. The results highlighted the importance of informal learning for learning English Language. The study showed that if the time and frequency of informal learning increases, then proficiency of students in English language also increases. Similarly, reading stories books, novels and plays have very positive impacts on students’ ELP (English language proficiency).Similarly, using different forms of IL(Informal learning) have positive impacts on students’ ELP, so students must utilize informal forms of learning English through reading out other English Language’s books besides curricular books and especially getting help from modern technologies such as internet, cell phone, Facebook, YouTube etc.The results can be utilized by the students as well as teachers of English Language. It is highly recommended to government and high authorities to establish a language lab in all public sector schools in Pakistan, having all the facilities of informal learning as in public sector schools.