Exploring Teachers’ Perceptions Regarding Classroom Practices in the Induction Program at Primary Level

  • Feroz Khan
  • Zahoor Ul Haq Assistant Professor, Bacha Khan university Charsadda
  • Ali Hussain Bangash
Keywords: Induction program, teachers’ perception, classroom practice, In-service training


This study investigated ‘‘teachers’ perceptions regarding the classroom practices of induction program in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP)’’. The main purpose of the study was ‘to investigate teachers’ perceptions regarding the classroom practices of induction program at primary level’. The data was collected from 220 randomly sampled male primary schools teachers located in four tehsils of district Mardan of KP. A questionnaire was used for data collection.The findings indicated that induction program enabled (in-service) trainees to implement the classroom management strategies, maintain discipline in classroom and teach the students confidently, to teach the students according to lesson plan, engage students in activity-based learning, provide opportunity to students for asking questions and engage students in co-curricular activities and encouraged trainees to evaluate students’ performance effectively. On the basis of findings, it is recommended that such types of productive training shall be implemented by government in order to be build the capacity of teachers for effective teaching and learning.