• Muhammad Imran Khan


One of the major determinants of life is nutrition. The nutritional issues arise in our country because of many reasons, the prime being the consumption of low quantity and low quality of nutrients, as a result of which nutritional health disorders takes place. On the other hand, it can be seen clearly how the woman workers are exposed to the various risks or threats in the occupational environment. The objective of the current study was to investigate the nutritional status and occupational health hazards of working women in Mardan. For this reason, the quantitative type of the research was conducted, where descriptive design of the research was chosen. In the current study, data was collected from the women working in the health sector. The data was collected from 3 public sector hospitals located at Peshawar A sample of 120 working women was taken. The data was collected from the respondents through the adapted questionnaires. Different analysis techniques were used to analysis the data. The results of the analysis showed that according to the nutritional status, most of the women were having normal weight as per the body mass index. While least of the working women were under weight. Thus, it was found that the rice and vegetable are the frequent nutrients that are included in the diet while fruits and milk products are mostly taken as weekly in the diet, however the fish is occasionally taken in the diet. The results also showed that the respondents were of the opinions that among all the hazards, the hazards to perform repetitive movement with their wrists or hands is higher. It was revealed that necessary training regarding the workplace health and safety is not taken properly. The study recommends that the working women should take a balanced diet to keep the nutritional status normal. There should be proper training to be conducted for the working women order to provide knowledge regarding the occupational health hazards.