An Analysis of Psychosocial Challenges Faced by University Students During Covid -19

  • Riffat Bibi
  • Dr. Saqib Shahzad
  • Azmat Ali Shah
  • Dr Samreen Mehmood
  • Maryam Khan


The majority of educators and students agreed that online learning was a preferable option during the pandemic. This study's primary goal was to examine the psychosocial difficulties college students had during COVID-19. The primary goals of the study were to identify the psychological problems that college students face. to assess how these relate to their comprehension, perspective, and application of COVID-19.should look into the different methods that students have employed to treat these illnesses. The whole student body at Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan served as the study's population. Using a deliberate selection technique, the departments of IBL and social science education were chosen to represent the study's sample. A questionnaire was used to gather data from the targeted department sample, and SPSS was used for data analysis. The gathered information was tallied, examined, and evaluated in relation to the study's goals. Conclusions were drawn from the data and then based on the research findings. Additionally, this study has highlighted the psychosocial problems and challenges that students face when learning online—problems that still need to be resolved. The conclusion emphasizes the assistance that the state, parents, educational institutions, and educators must offer in order to boost students' access to and participation in online learning.