Effects of the Decision of Separation of Teaching and Management Cadres at Elementary and Secondary Education Department in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, on Teaching-Learning Environment

  • Hafeez Uddin
  • Dr. Naseer Ahmad
  • Dr. Muhammad Rauf


The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of the decision to separate teaching and management cadres in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Elementary and Secondary Education Department (KPESED)on the teaching-learning environment. The research conducted was of descriptive character. The survey technique was employed for data collection. The data were obtained by administering a self-designed questionnaire to male and female teachers attending government primary schools in three tehsils within the district Nowshera. The study's target audience consisted of government primary school teachers in Nowshera district, together with Headmasters/Headmistresses of both boys' and girls' primary schools. The overall number of elementary teachers is 3026, consisting of 1755 males and 1271 females. The District of Nowshera has a total of 754 Headmasters/Headmistresses at the primary level, consisting of 426 males and 328 females. The study's sample consisted of 341 male and female instructors, as well as 426 male and female Headmasters/Headmistresses. These participants were recruited by a random sampling method. The data were subjected to analysis using the percentage of responses provided by the participants. The numeric result was derived from the tabulation of questions based on the responses provided by the respondents. The study's findings and conclusions indicate that the separation of teaching and management personnel in KPESED district Nowshera significantly affects the teaching and learning process, by effectively addressing departmental problems and issues, and reducing political interference in the education department. The move garnered support from a significant proportion of teachers and headmasters. Furthermore, the recently appointed officials have effectively addressed deficiencies within the school system to a significant degree. The choice has additionally enhanced the educational setting. This study suggests that the division between the teaching and managerial staff may be maintained.