• Kainat Akbar Abdul Wali Khan Univeristy Mardan


The crisis in Syria began in 2011 as an anti-government uprising against President Bashar-al-Assad, transformed in the first quarter into a civil war. Since then, the conflict has grown out of control as one of the worst humanitarian crises since the Second World War by killing over 470,000 civilians and expelling a majority of Syrians internally or externally. Syria is becoming a major focus because it was the only country that continues to suffer conflict uprising and civil war. The problem of the current study was to explore competition in the Middle East between the USA and Russia. The study aimed to investigate to highlight the role of U.S.A in the involvement in Middle East crisis and want to contain Russia and Iran interest in Syria. It also tries to weaker the power of Syria so that to enable Israel for following its expansionist policy. The study found that the strategic interests and goals one group aims to pursue are contradictory to the opposing party's interests and objectives. In addition, the research showed that what is taking place in Syria reflects the intense rivalry that can be seen as expanding its wider competition within the Middle East region between the USA and Russia. This study also find out the U.S.A ulterior motives and interests in the civil war of Syria and their major policies prevailed by the U.S.A towards Syria. This study studies the U.S. struggle to counter global Terrorism such as ISIS and Al-Qaida and also highlights the confrontation of U.S.A with Russia and Iran.