A Study of Teacher Leadership Style and Motivation Level at Primary Level

  • Ayesha Malak
  • Dr. Abdul Ghaffar
  • Dr Hafiz Muhammad Irshadullah


The purpose of this study is to investigate the complex link that exists between academic leadership and the levels of motivation experienced by teachers at the primary level within Tehsil Nowshera. The important topic of school heads' leadership skills and their impact on the motivation of teachers, which ultimately has an effect on the quality of education, is investigated in this study. The study objectives targeted the investigation of head teachers’ academic leadership, teacher’s academic motivation level. Data were collected from the sample group including primary school teachers and head teachers in District Nowshehra. Using structured questionnaires, data were collected from primary school teachers as part of a quantitative survey approach. The findings of the study provided some insights into the perspectives that educators have towards academic leadership and the effects that it has on their motivation. The results showed that head teachers' have a variety of leadership behaviors and practices, including the promotion of constructive relationships, the participation of teachers in decision-making, and the utilization of technology for the purpose of communication. Further, there is an emphasis placed on maintaining strong relationships among staff members, there is room for additional improvement in the level of participation of instructors in decision-making. In addition, there was a lack of uniformity in how the assistance and direction provided by school administrators in the improvement of instructional methods were interpreted by their subordinates. The research shed light on the favorable connections that exist between leadership skills and the motivation of teachers. According to the findings, effective leadership techniques have the potential to increase teacher engagement, which in turn improves the outcomes of student learning.


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