The Institutional Development of SCO & Geopolitics of Central Asia

Keywords: Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Central Asian Republics, Geopolitics


The international system had been marked by significant global changes throughout the twentieth
century. This complexity characterizes the nature of international relations at the start of the twenty-first
century. One significant feature of Modern international relations is global collaboration and incorporation of
regions in proximity. From the mid-twentieth century to present decade, political and economic regional
organizations are rapidly emerging in different regions. In the Eurasia, the cycle of regional cooperation and
incorporation evolved slowly. The Central Asian Republics (CARs) attempted to create new bilateral and
multilateral ties after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990s. The nations of the world have entered into
new era of multilateral cooperation which evolved principal international organizations. CARs made efforts
and joined other regional actors to co-found different regional organizations like the Eurasian Economic
Community (EEC), the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), and the Shanghai Cooperation
Organization (SCO). Although these organizations face a variety of obstacles in their growth but their success
is distinct. The SCO had been Eurasia's largest effective political organization.

Author Biography

Muhammad Fahim Khan, PhD Scholar, Department of Political Science, University of Peshawar, Pakistan
Hi! My Name is Muhammad Fahim Khan. Currently, I am doing my Ph.D. from the Department of Political Science, University of Peshawar. I have been interested in security issues in Asia, Middle East and America for over a decade including peace and conflict studies, I studied international politics and Asia studies as a graduate and conducted independent research on Causes and Impact of Terrorism in Swat Valley (2007-2017). My thesis analyzed the History, causes, and consequences of Terrorism in Pakistan, especially in Swat Valley. In addition to my academic work, I worked as a research intern for the Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies (IPDS) at Islamabad, Pakistan. In my leisure time, I enjoy playing Field Hockey, Table Tennis and visiting art galleries.