Federalism in Pakistan and Its Challenges

  • Tariq Anwar
  • Quaid Ali
  • Muhammad Imran Sani


This paper is an attempt to explore the challenges to political federalism in Pakistan. Federalism is an
answer, or the solution significantly considered by multiethnic, multi-racial, multi linguistic and diverse style social
country. Pakistan appeared on the map of the world about seventy-two years ago sharing the same with India. The
constitutional debate to adopt the system of organizing and performing the state started from the beginning. After
many ups and down and multidimensional settling of issues, Pakistan adopted federalism as principle for the smooth
running of the state. Federalism remained intact in two late constitutions 1956, 1962 and semi late and current
constitution of 1973. Right from the inception of federalism in Pakistan, challenges are continued to grow in
different styles and different elements tried to create controversies regarding working of federalism. This paper is a
focus study on the federalism in Pakistan and challenges to the federation in Pakistan. In this paper critically
analysis of existing different sources would be analyzed to explore the challenges to federalism in Pakistan.